Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Shipping Costs?


Some customers ask us why we charge shipping and why our costs are so high.


In an effort to keep costs low and true, we do not price any shipping costs into our products.  You will be buying the product at the low prices we've kept over decades of business.  Believe it or not, during the year 2020, we have not increased pricing on any of our items nor have we engaged in any price gouging even though the costs and duration of time for these items have gone way up.  


The shipping cost that is implemented is a service charge which is not collected by us, but rather it is paid directly to UPS and because we do ship in bulk with UPS, we pass along our shipping rate and pricing directly to the customer.  These prices will be lower than what UPS will charge you directly.  All of these packages are also fully insured.  If your package goes missing or arrives damaged, we'd like to hear about it.  We will also provide a replacement for you while we work on the claim with UPS. 


As such, shipping rates and times  will vary depending on where it is shipping to from our location in Chino, California.


If you happen to live within driving distance of us, you can take full advantage of our low prices with free local pick up from our warehouse via the pickup option during checkout.


Thank you for your interest and please do not  hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Fortitude Rig Components:


All of our Rig accessories add ons and attachments are made for the Fortitude (FTD) rig system only.  All numbers and markings are set for a complete rig with 4 feet and 6 feet sections.  


Some customers ask us if they can use these parts for their own rigs that are not FTD. While there have been cases where they have successfully done so; we do not recommend this and we cannot guarantee the fitment for any other applications other than the FTD system.  With that said, we can take returns for these items in case they do not fit, however, we will not be able to refund services provided such as shipping costs, including a 15% restocking fee.


With that said, our rig accessory holes are 1” in diameter.  Our upright posts are 3” x 3” – 11 gauge steel.


Kamparts Team, 2020