Precor TRM800-14 / TRM700-16 Treadmill Deck

Precor TRM800-14 / TRM700-16 Treadmill Deck

Precor TRM800-14 811/835/865/885 AND TRM700-16 731/761/781

Decks are double sided Phenolic Laminate and are not Pre-Waxed. Requires wax or silicone oil lubricant if using a standard belt. Does not require wax or silicone oil if using Maintenance Free ,Pre- Lubricated or Wax Impregnated belts. All holes are pre drilled for direct replacement, no drilling or cutting needed.

Fit's the following models:
TRM700-16 731 58097102 or 58097-102
TRM700-16 761 58097102 or 58097-102
TRM700-16 781 58097102 or 58097-102
TRM800-16 811AGNB,AJXH,ADJG,AC76,AC7558097102 or 58097-102
TRM800-14 835AGNB,AJXH,ADJG,AC76,AC7558097102 or 58097-102
TRM800-14 865AGNB,AJXH,ADJG,AC76,AC7558097102 or 58097-102
TRM800-14 885AGNB,AJXH,ADJG,AC76,AC7558097102 or 58097-102

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