E-SM StairMill

E-SM StairMill

E-SM StairMill

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Star Trac Fan Control Overlay/Keypad

Star Trac Fan Control Overlay/KeypadIncludes the Graphic overlay and the Keypad as an assembly ..

Model: FP-OVL41


Stepmill Bearing Plate

Stepmill Bearing Plate V2Note:Used for models manufactured after 9-14-00Fit’s the following ..

Model: FP-SM029


Stepmill Chain Assembly W/Master link

Stepmill Chain Assembly W/Master linkFits The Following Models: MODEL &..

Model: FP-SM001


Stepmill Lower Sprocket (2 Sprockets)

Stepmill Lower Sprocket (2 Sprockets)Pillow block bearings not includedFit’s the following m..

Model: FP-SM032


Stepmill Stepshaft Threaded Ends SM5

Stepmill Stepshaft Threaded Ends SM5Length: 25.06”Uses: Nut Part Number FP-SM034 – Wash..

Model: FP-SM021.5


Stepmill Upper Sprocket (3 Sprockets)

Stepmill Upper Sprocket (3 Sprockets)Pillow block bearings not includedFit’s the f..

Model: FP-SM031


Battery 6 Volt-1.4 Amp

Stairmaster / Star Trac / Nautilus Battery PS-612  6 Volt–1.4 AmpFit’s the followi..

Model: FP-BAT02


Stepmill Drive Chain W/master link

Stepmill Drive Chain W/Master LinkFits The Following Models: MODEL &nbs..

Model: FP-SM025


Stepmill Step Hinge Shaft (For Plastic Steps)

Stepmill Step Hinge Shaft (For Plastic Steps)Fits The Following Models: MOD..

Model: FP-SM022


Stepmill Step shaft Hardware Kit

Stepmill Step shaft Hardware Kit Used with Threaded Step Shaft Part Number FP-SM021Kit ..

Model: FP-SM037


Stairmaster Chain Master Link #40

Stairmaster Master Link for ChainUsed For Stairmaster Step Chain to SpringUsed For Stepmill ..

Model: FP-SM004


Stepmill Hinge Shaft E-Clip

Stepmill Hinge Shaft E-ClipUsed for hinge shaft part number FP-SM022Fits The Following Model..

Model: FP-SM023


Stepmill Step Shaft Nut

Stepmill Step Shaft Nut For Threaded ShaftSize: 5/16"-24Used with Threaded Step Shaft P..

Model: FP-SM034


Stepmill Step Shaft Washer

Stepmill Step Shaft WasherFor use with Step Shaft part # FP-SM020 and FP-SM021 (Grooved and Thre..

Model: FP-SM035


Stairmaster Panel Rivet Stepper/Stepmill

Stairmaster Plastic Panel Rivet Reusable For outer panelFit's the following models..

Model: FP-SM027